Design wall (and floor) Tuesday

and I'll throw in a stash report.

I have multiple design wall surfaces/options. Do you? There is a white curtain that covers a shelving unit in my sewing room. It will accommodate a small lap or large wall hanging size quilt. I have another curtain that I hang from a portable quilt rack for bigger projects... I'm kind of wishing I had used that one as you will see a little later and then, there is the portable roll up design wall. This first one is on the portable. I will be transporting it to and from class. I know it doesn't look like much yet. Pinwheel blocks will go in the open areas. I'm just starting to work on those.

Yesterday being a holiday, I thought I would assemble this topand I was too lazy to get out the curtain/portable quilt rack so I spread a sheet on the floor. That sounded the call for the quilt patrol to stop by and help. Helper #1: Casi# 2 - Miles aka. Spots# 3 - Nacho aka. Grumpy (ie. don't attempt to move him, just work in a different area)#4 - last but not least, the gentle giant CosmoMiles was the most helpful. Or should I call him the critic? He was under the impression I needed the blocks rearranged.

I'm heading the right direction in the stash dept. I did assemble a back for a large queen quilt plus the misc. pieces for the project on the design wall, so used since the last report: 7 yards. Purchased: 2 yds for a back and 1.5 yds to blend with the others on the design wall. Net for this period 3.5 yds used. YTD:

11 yds added
13.5 yds used
YTD Stash reduced by 2.5 yds

Yay! I'm finally in the black. Now to just stay there. :cD


Cathy Shepherd said…
That is a beautiful quilt! I love the design, the layout, the secondary design, the colours......... Is there a patterns for that. It is loudly calling my name!
Elaine Adair said…
Spots wears the MOST intriguing coat of your friends - how handsome!

Your quilt is fantastic - yet not complicated. Did you use the Tri-Recs ruler? Amazing how alternating your values creates and entirely new pattern. The alternate block is so clever.
Teaquilts said…
Beautiful quilt you worked on yesterday.
Nancy said…
I really always enjoy the colors and fabrics you pick out for your quilts. I especially love your helpers. If you need some extra helpers I have four that always help me.
Nancy G.

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