Wow. Lots has happened since my last post. Too much to cover so I think I will just pick up with the now. I have been on FB with weekly-ish updates. Hope you've caught those.

Today is day 11 of 25 straight days working one or the other or both of my jobs. I'm not really looking for sympathy, I'm just recording it for motivational purposes. I didn't even realize I was going to have such a long stretch till a coworker at Petco mentioned it. It's definitely not the norm but 16 home games in 20 days on top of a day job will do it. My next day off is Sept 17... just in time for the San Diego Quilt Show.Woohoo. I'll try to remember my camera.

There is another 11 day stretch starting Sept. 20th. Then on Oct. 1st I will head to points north to visit my DDs, check out the youngest's new apartment, then continue up the state to pick up this little chiquita. Her name is Aurora (Rory) and she is about 4 weeks older than this photo now. She's a straight ear Scottish Fold. Can't wait to meet her!

Got my fingers crossed for a post season berth. GO PADRES!!


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