Back when I was in college, I would more often than not get sick right after finals were over. A couple of quarters I didn't make it through finals week before it hit. Last Thursday I finished the aforementioned 25 straight days work block. By Friday evening I could feel the beginnings of a sore throat. Several helpings of homemade chicken noodle soup and meds later, I'm feeling somewhat better. Maybe another day off from school and I'll be back to my old self...... just in time for our two week fall break.
I did get a fair amount accomplished over the weekend. The previous design wall photo of split 9 patch blocks are stitched together, borders added, backing pieced and is loaded on the LA, half way quilted using the ebb and flow pattern.
Earlier today (during on of my few energy spurts), I pulled fabric from the stash cabinet.... mostly thrift store shirtings and a few homespuns ..... and cut a pile of random strings. My next no brainer project is going to be a masculine string quilt with black center strings. Hoping this pile will get me most of the way there. Photos on the design wall as they are completed.

Go Padres..... I believe!


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