I'm the happiest longarmer in town

Back to school tomorrow. Those without a second job got 2 whole weeks off. I'm happy with the 10 I got.... man did I need those. The last week of school I got sick and 3 weeks later I'm still fighting off an occasional cough. Of course the last home stand and the 4 day trip to northern Calif didn't give me much of a chance to rest and recharge. I did see the final game of the season on TV in the Bay Area. I'm not totally disappointed. It was a good season and I am rooting for the Giants now. I'm still a huge Boche fan.

Here is what accompanied me home tho..... she is just too darn cute and a cuddler to boot. And the best part is she's won Miles over. I thought he'd be the toughest sell but he was the first to play with her.

I've been busy in my workroom. The last quilt shown on the LA was the blue/green split 9 patch. All that one needs is the binding. I also finished the red/black/white one for Stacey and her roommates. Funny story behind this one. DH delivered Ace back to college and helped her move in since I was busy with jobs. I found out her LR furniture was the red version. I had planned to make her a quickie throw using a green/blue/brown coffee fabric line I had on hand but decided against that when I heard about the red sofa & chair. One of her roommates spent part of the summer in Paris so when I discovered the Rouge et Noir line from Michael Miller, I snatched up a FQ bundle. Here is the funny part. Pops told me he saw a Eiffel Tower poster in their apartment. Perfect, I thought. A couple of the FQ's were Eiffel Tower prints. Later I asked Ace to send me a photo of the poster. Her reply was I can't find a poster with the Eiffel Tower in it. LOL...not sure what Bruce thought he saw or where he saw it. I got the quilt together super quick and decided to quilt it on Thursday. I wanted to have a fresh experience on the LA because I was scheduled to attend a LA maintenance/repair class on Saturday.

I AM the happiest longarmer in town! I spent 10 hours (was supposed to be 4.5 hours) with the AMAZING Ron Paul and 3 other LA's. He walked us through so many mechanical issues with our machines. It was great because at least one of the machines needed tweaking in each instance. Bruce attended with me so I know now we should be able to solve more problems ourselves. But here is the best part. In the 7 years I've had my machine, I've never been satisified with it. It had a vibration I could never fix. Guess what? Most of it is gone. We tweaked two things on my machine... loosened the motor belt and replaced the steel needle bar with an aluminum one and WOOHOO. . . I feel like I have a new machine. I've already quilted one wall hanging and I can't wait to do another!!

Last but not least, I've got half a string quilt done... here is my design wall. I'm loving this quilt. It's green in more than one way. Yes, there is green fabric but most of the fabric is also repurposed fabric. The center strings are Kona Black, the plaid and stripe strings are homespun scraps and strips of thrift/rummage sale mens cotton shirts. At the last minute I decided to add the Kona Cardinal corners and they add just the right pop. Now to decide on a setting. This simple zig zag is fun but I think I will try a couple other layouts before stitching the blocks together. Stay tuned...


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