Yay for rainy days...

In preparation for Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt sew-a-long, I spent some time cleaning my workroom. In doing so I discovered 2 applique blocks I agreed to do for our guilds next opportunity quilt. I do a decent job at applique but find it tedious. I knew I would be easily distracted once the mystery project started so I worked 3 nights straight to get them to the first stage. Check that off the list.

Decided to clean my Pfaff next. It's making a weird sound when I run some scrap pieces thru it... sigh...not enough time to have it looked at and back before the mystery starts. My solution? Pull out this baby..It's a 1951 Singer model 201. It's been so long since I've used it, I had to look up how to load the bobbin. I'd forgotten how nice a seam this machine stitches but man is it heavy. By comparison the 221s ARE Featherweights. Earlier today I finished Step 1 using the Singer. I'm loving the colors. I wasn't sure there was enough variation between the blue and green at first. Now I'm anxious to see Step 2.
Yay for rainy days! Tomorrow it's back to the longarm.


I think your colors are beautiful! This is my first mystery quilt of any kind. I've changed my background three times and still don't have a clue about 'constant'. Am thinking a moda swirly brown.

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