The gifts have all been gifted..

.. so now I can post photos of the quilty ones.

First.... only 10 months late... the quilt to celebrate my friend Patty's major birthday.
A string quilt for Stacey's boyfriend.. titled 'Different Strings'. (He's a HUGE Rush fan :-D)
And last, a little Schnibble of a quilt (Nice Day) for Sterling's mom since they invited Stacey to the bay area for the Holidays and are always so welcoming to her. This one is using the Maison de Garance line from Moda. Love that line!
I spent quite a bit of time yesterday pulling out my UFO's and photographing all or part of them. I stopped at 24.... there's a few more but enough is enough. I will be posting a list with photos soon as I plan to join Judy L's UFO challenge.


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