My UFO list for 2011

With 3 days left to this year, it's high time I posted my list for Judy L's UFO challenge. But first a disclaimer. Judy gave us license to tweak the challenge to fit our situation and I will be doing just that. Many of you know I work multiple jobs. Right now is a quiet time for me but come March, I'll be ramping up for baseball. A couple of months a year I don't get to sew as much as I would like because I come home from the school job, change into my uniform and head to the ballpark, arriving home around 11:30 at night. I love all the jobs so I make it work but there is not much time left over when the team is in town. So for my challenge, I will not be numbering the projects. What I have done instead is rank the projects by how much is left to finish. During months when I have more time, I will randomly choose a project from my (L) "Lots left" list.

Without further ad0, here is my list and some photos. You will also find the list on the left side of my blog page. The starred ones are the 12 I've selected for the challenge.

  • * (E) Fish Stack n Wack-needs binding

  •  * (E) Double Delight-needs quilting, binding

  • * (E) Confetti-needs back, quilting, binding

  • * (E) Weekend Retreat Kashmir-needs back, quilting, binding

  • * (E) Tad Plaid-needs back, quilting, binding

  • * (M) Spin with a view-needs borders, back, quilting, binding

  • * (M) "Music" 9 patch pizzaz-needs applique in border, back, quilting, binding

  • * (M) Blue/Green sampler-needs borders, back, quilting, binding

  • * (M) Seaside Rose basket weave-needs pieced border, back, quilting, binding

  • * (L) Sunny Lanes #1-all blocks done
  • * (L) Sunny Lanes #2-all blocks done

  • * (L) Chunky Churn Dash-1/2 blocks blocks done


Melinda said…
Great quilts - I can't imagine, though, when you have time to work on them. You sound like a very busy woman.
SewCalGal said…

Glad to meet another Sew Cal Gal that is also working on their UFO list in 2011.

Also wanted to let you know your settings are as a no reply blogger. Let me know if you want help to change your settings (makes it easier for bloggers to respond to a comment you might leave on their blog, as well as let you know if you win a giveaway/contest).

Diana said…
All great quilts. It will feel great to finish them, won't it?
Jo said…
Your projects look WONDERFUL. Good Luck on getting them all finished.
Chris said…
Good luck with the challenge. I think your tailor made plan sounds perfect for you. The idea is to get them done, right? Your quilts are very pretty. i can't wait to see the finished photos.
Dionne said…
Wow, nice list! I'm in the 2011 UFO challenge along with you, but most of my projects hae a great deal of piece work left to do.
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress this year.
bingo~bonnie said…
That Sunny Lanes pattern really caught my eye yesterday when I visited your blog for the first time... and I've been thinking about it...

I had to come back today and take another look - b/c I already have made scrappy 16 patch blocks that I "thought" I was gonna use for Bonnie Hunter's Patches & Pinwheels.... but now I'm liking this look and I can use my 16 patches I already have made.... if I can find where I have them stored. lol

I read that you had enough for not 1 but 2 twin size quilts! :)

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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