Reflections and aspirations

2010 was a year of thoughtfulness and growth. DH still does not have full time employment but we've discovered we don't need as much as we thought we did. He's picking up odd jobs here and there and he worked for the Padres this past season which was a lot of fun. I have faith something good is just around the corner for him... he is such a great employee.

Longarming business has picked up some for me, so maybe we are slowly climbing out of this recession. It helps I have a new found desire to work on customer quilts due to the improvements on my Gammill.  I'm hanging in at the school library and will be keeping good thoughts the district will find a way to fund that (IMHO) essential position. And I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE START OF THE BASEBALL SEASON. Oh, I'm sorry, was I SCREAMING?! :) Can you tell I love that job? LOL In a little over a week we start the interview process for new hires... it's just around the corner!

Looking ahead to 2011 I will aim to
  • be healthier - eat better, exercise regularly so I will feel better and my clothes will fit better
  • be more aware of my time - identify time wasters, increase productivity
  • do a better job of staying connected to friends and family - I love FB (if you are reading this on FB... click on the post header and it will take you to my blog =))
I could list a lot of specific things but I don't think I will because most of them fall into one of the categories above.

Cheers to a wonderful 2011 for us all!


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