Design Wall Monday

New Year, new Design Wall Monday, NEW DESIGN WALL. That's right! My main, medium size, in studio, design wall was a two piece white curtain wrapped around a large shelving unit. It hid the "stuff" on the shelves and provided a surface to pin units to. The key word there is PIN. Over the weekend I got some fleece and made new panels to cover the shelf unit. So far it gets two thumbs up with the only draw back being the stretchiness of the fabric.

Look Ma, no pins! The two blocks in this photo are just sticking there. *VBG*

Onto what's ON the wall..... Every time I make a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt I say ... 'Oh WOW, this is my new favorite'... well, I'm going to say it again. I'm still working on step 5's HSTs but I had to stop long enough to put one of each block together. Roll Roll Cotton Boll IS my new favorite!


Love the colors you chose for R.R.C.B. Vibrant!
Chris said…
Congrats on the new design wall :) It does make it fun to look over the products of your labor.
ANudge said…
Nice design wall. If I ever get the space cleared by mine, I made do as you did. Good idea. Love the blocks.
Teaquilts said…
Very nice; great color combination and progress on the quilt.

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