Design Floor Monday

Large scrappy quilts (all I seem to do anymore...scrappy I mean, not all large) get laid out on the floor for playing with the placement. As soon as I lay down the first block it's like I've rung the dinner bell.....come and get it! The furry moths come to that unresistible flame. It's funny too. One likes to roll on them. Another likes to run across them and send them flying. Still another like to pretend he's a paperweight but you take your life in your hands should you want to remove the fabric from beneath said paperweight. Needless to say, once it gets to this stage, I sew those puppies together as quickly as possible. Quilting would be boring with out all the help.
The good news: The center to RRCB is together and I'm partially finished piecing the outer border. More math involved because I went with a 4 X 5 setting but I think I've got enough units. More good news: My husband really likes the color and design of this one so it looks like it will have a home in our living room. 
And just when you thought that was all the good news.... Remember this block... the red, green & gold guild BOM? I missed the last meeting and thought they had already drawn the winner. I assumed I would just be handing over the completed block. But nope.... my name went in and ... came back out of the basket. I was handed 7 completed blocks PLUS a bag full of other stuff including extra block kits and border fabric. WOW... wasn't expecting that. Winners at another guild are given just the blocks and you are on your own from there. So add this one to my UFO list. :-D

Check out what is on other quilters walls (and floors) this week over at Judy L's Design Wall Post.

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It is so exciting to see all of the RRCB tops coming together. I am having such a good time with mine. Your colors are great!
Jennifer Woo said…
Love the scrappy quilt design!! Love the cats also. I miss my furry friend!!
Chris said…
Love your RRCB. I did not get the middle put together. I sewed my fingers to the bone but I'll have nothing to show tonight. Will I see you at Canyon?
Vicki said…
Your quilt is very pretty. I think that winning the blocks is so great but then I think about all the UFO's I have and that if I had won... well another UFO to add to the list. A wonderful problem to have, enjoy putting your blocks together!
Chris said…
I love the blues you chose instead of red.
Melinda said…
The colors of your RRCB are fabulous. No wonder your dh likes it. My kitties also love to "help" whenever blocks go on the floor.
Quilter Kathy said…
How cute to show all your furry helpers! The quilt is looking fabulous!

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