One Day Left-Design wall Monday

Winter break nears the end. This break is the only one I get completely off from both the school and ballpark jobs. A mental health break if you will. I've worked on a couple customer quilts but I've done many of my own quilt projects as well. 

Tomorrow is the last day... Tuesday it's back to work... to BOTH jobs. Yep, school during the day, ballpark at night. Pitchers and catchers might have one more month before they report but our season starts Tuesday. It's behind the scenes stuff but it will be good to be working with the gang again.

I'm nearing the completion of step 5 in the RRCB mystery. I got a little tired of just working on the HSTs, so I started assembling some of the blocks as well. I mean, they gotta go together eventually, right? So why not break up the monotony a bit. On the design wall are a few of the blocks as they come together.

 The two odd blocks are: (top) Week 2 of the Civil War Quilt and (bottom) CV guild BOM.
 One more photo just for the fun of it... Rory doing the cat walk along the backing roller under the quilt on the longarm.

Cheers to a fun, productive last day of vacation! If you want to see what others have on their design wall, check out Judy L's blog


Charlene S said…
Rory is really into that frame. I love the way your blocks are looking with those wonderful blues.
Chris said…
I like the blue in your RRCB.
Jennifer Woo said…
Nice to make use of the time off!! I live for break so then I get overwhelmed trying to get everything done and it goes crazy!! Love the colors.
Rabid Quilter said…
I love quilts with a million HSTs in them but hate making them so your idea to break up the monotony was brilliant!
Quilter Kathy said…
Love your mystery blocks! Your design wall looks like mine usually does, with many different projects on the!
Love your colors. That is going to be terrific. That will really stand out against the string blocks.
Jo said…
Teal is wonderful in your RRCB.
Alycia said…
Your blocks are coming together beautifully!

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