Stash Report - Week 1 - 2011

I'm going to try commit to monitor my stash usage again this year. I'm one of THOSE who fizzled out early last year. =P But the slate is clean and I'm determined buy less/use the stash more this year. Without further ado here are my first week numbers:

Used this Week:     3.5 yards
Used year to Date:    3.5 yards
Added this Week:    0
Added Year to Date:    0
Net Used for 2011:    3.5 yards

Most of the used went into a quilt for my daughter Allie. This past fall I participated in a Chunky Churn Dash (washed) swap with the gals at the yahoo group quiltvilleswap. What fun blocks! And I love the variety of the blocks received but I wasn't sure how they would work together.  And inherent in a swap, not all blocks are the same size so....  two fabrics were used and the blocks were turned into square in a squares and will be squared up to the same size. It's turning out so cool! Here's a few of the blocks on the design wall.


Tamera said…
That is just going to be adorable!
Connie said…
I like the way your churndash is turning out.
Charlene S said…
That quilt is lookin' good as my husband says.

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