Stash Report - Week 2

I'm still in the black, plugging along. Most of my usage went into the backing for my UFO challenge project for January. The fabric I chose was directional so I used a little more than a regular backing... oh darn.

Used this Week:     3.25 yards
Used year to Date:    6.75 yards
Added this Week:    0
Added Year to Date:    0
Net Used for 2011:    6.75 yards

Most of the rest went into BOMs, BOWs and cutting up leftover scraps into strips, strings or 2 inch squares ala Bonnie Hunter's scrap users system. I've been very neglectful cleaning up after previous projects and the cutting table is, well, embarrassingly piled high and mostly unusable.

It was about twice this high so I am making some headway. BTW I do count fabric cut and added to the scrap bins because it is much easier to count before it's cut down. I have no clue how many 2 inch squares are in a yard...LOL!

Good luck to all the others busting their stash with support and encouragement over at Judy L's blog.



Cathy said…
I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone in the way my cutting table looks. LOL. It so much easier, and more fun, to just push everything to one side, in order to start a new project.
Alycia said…
Good job on cleaning up! I think I heard there were 99 2 inch squares in a FQ.... don't know if that helps or not?
Kare said…
Ghee, I have never added all that fabric from my scrap bins (yes, bins in plural . . . ) of course it's not cut into squares yet either, but thanks for that idea - that should be enough to motivate me!
Melinda said…
Assuming the fabric is 36 x 42 inches, you would get 378 - 2 inch squares. But if you resewed them all back together you would only get a piece 27.5 x 32. Those seam allowances really suck up the fabric. Yup, I love math.

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