UFO for January

Judy drew the number 6.  I didn't assign numbers to my projects so I did an ennie meenie type count off times 6 on my moderate level projects and came up with the 9 patch pizzaz Music quilt.
I'm more than glad this is the first one to finish. I was thinking just last week about this quilt and how I would like to hang it on a blank wall in the living room.

This quilt was started 3+ years ago at a Judy Sisneros workshop. All the fabrics have a music theme. I could have just quilted it as is.. after all the borders are on, but I got an idea to add an applique quote to the border. Music is a large part of our lives and one of my favorite related quotes is "Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here."

Done on this project = fusible applique, quilting, binding and sleeve. I'm going to fit it in around a couple of other need to get done projects this month so stay tuned..


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