Stash Report & Design wall March 7th

First things first..... my stash report for fabrics purchased and used since my last report is:

Used this Week:     13.25 yards
Used year to Date:    25.25 yards
Added this Week:    3.25
Added Year to Date:    11.25
Net Used for 2011:    14 yards
Finally making some headway in that dept. Some of that was used in the border and backing of my UFO project for February.... which was finished and sent to it's new home on Feb. 27th. Phew... just made it. Got your shades on? Here is photo of the finished top.
A little about this quilt. The chunky churndash blocks were part of an online swap I participated in this past Sept-Nov. I framed them like a square in a square mostly because swap blocks are inherently not all the same size. I squared the new blocks to a uniform size then stitched the quilt center together. The center is busy to say the least and nothing I auditioned for a border looked right. I was determined not to buy fabric for this project. The quilt was for my older daughter.... among her favorite colors are blue, green and orange. I don't know about you but orange is not a major part of my stash but........ I've also participated in a fabric square swap online (baseball/quilter related *grin*) the past few years. So I did a bunch of digging and found enough orange, gold and yellow to give it a scrappy orange look. It's loud but very Allie.

The January UFO is about an hour from being done..... just a bit of binding left. So I'm really not too far behind the one per month goal.

The only fabric purchased this week is going straight into the project on the design wall. It's a two color quilt - pale yellow and dark green scrappy - using the pattern True Blue from the Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. book Spice of Life Quilts. (It's the book on the cover) I took a quick count this afternoon... I have 69 blocks done.... need 132 total, so I'm just past halfway.

Greens from the stash are not a problem but pale yellows are another color in limited supply, hence the purchases. Isn't this a fun design? I love the movement. This one will be a gift... might have to make another for me. =)


Rabid Quilter said…
Both of these quilts are wonderful but your kitties are even prettier!
Marti said…
Your quilts are beautiful. I especially like the yellow and green and the way the colors merge into each other at the seams.
Wow! I love scrappy quilts and really like the green and yellow. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
Alycia said…
I really like how you set your churndash blocks.

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