It's been nearly a month since I posted on my blog.... sigh. What a busy, crazy month... and all good!

The Lor has landed... in South Lake Tahoe. Bruce picked Lor and his kitty up yesterday at the Reno airport and delivered them to his new apartment in South Lake Tahoe. They slept on the floor in sleeping bags last night ..... purchasing a bed is on today's agenda. But let me back up.

Approx 3 weeks ago Lor was contacted about an opening for a store manager at the Lake Tahoe Community College bookstore. A week and a half ago he was flown out for an interview etc. Originally the job was going to start on March 14th. He was offered the job but they bumped the start date to March 7th so he can shadow the current manager. He had all of 7 days to tie up things in Mississippi and arrange things on the other end in CA. It was going to cost a stupidly crazy amount of $$ to ship the few pieces of furniture he had, so the decision was made to compensate him an additional amount and buy new stuff in SLT.  He boxed up all his smaller stuff and shipped it freight. He really didn't have that much... most of the kitchen supplies belonged to his roommate.

That's where I came in..... for the past week and a half, I've been shopping..... and shopping ... and shopping between work shifts. He needed a few casual business work outfits and most everything to set up a new solo apartment. I love hunting down bargains.... I'm hopeful I picked up enough to get him started so he can focus on the new job and not basic necessities.

The other contributing factor to the challenges of the past couple of weeks has been the weather, on both sides of the Rockies. From the wild thunderstorms and tornado watches in northern MS & western TN recently to the snow - lots and lots of snow - falling in the Tahoe area. Someday Lor will look back and recall the events of the past 3 weeks with more humor but right now I think the overwhelming feeling is exhaustion. He's such a great employee... I know he'll be a super boss. Congratulations Lor!

PS... I'll post later today on my quilty accomplishments of the past month.... not too bad, all things considered ;-)


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