Design Wall . . HELP!

I am easily distracted.... I alluded to that fact in my last post. I had good intentions. I want to organize and clean up my sewing room so I can have others over. I've had a few friends and family express interest in learning to quilt, plus I like to quill (rolled paper crafts) and have hopes I can entice a couple other friends to join me in returning to that craft.

In one pile I found a zip bag with the blocks recently won at a guild BOM. I use the term blocks loosely. There were 8 finished blocks and kits to make 19 more. So here's my logic...... 'The cutting is all done. Why don't you just whip up the remaining blocks?'  So I did... except it was bit longer process than a whip. What I learned.... even though they were kitted, still check the measurements. Sigh.... They are done and all measure within a 1/4 inch of each other.

Here's where I need your help. I wanted an alternate block that I could tweak to fit the BOM blocks (cut a little bit off and not loose points/elements) and really like the one I found but.... I can't decide on the background fabric. Both fabrics are from my stash and there is enough of each to finish the quilt. I like the look of the carmel colored one person and the lighter one in the photo. Helllllllllp. TIA

 Check out what others are working on over at Judy's Patchwork Times.


Kari Nitzel said…
I am leaning towards the camel color background, it seems to blend a lot better. The blocks look great!
Judy D in AZ said…
I agree with Kari. The camel is more restful looking. the tow blocks will look great together.
kwiltnkats said…
Hi Karen!
Think I like the lighter color best too. What you've found for the alternate block is perfect. Are these a win from Sunshine? I don't remember them. Seems to me that participation was at an all time low if you got mostly kits....Sandi

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