Stash Report - April 17, 2011

The opening homestand was challenging for a variety of reasons, the least of which was mother nature. I've never worked a game with 3 long rain delays before. But we survived.

And now I'm on Spring Break from school and a week off from the ballpark. So what's a girl to do? =)

I finished up two tops by adding their pieced borders (photos to follow) then made the backs to go with each of them. So between the two, I used up some stash yardage. Here are my numbers:

Used since last report:     14.5 yards
Used year to Date:    42.75 yards
Added since last report:    8.25 yards
Added Year to Date:    25.25 yards
Net Used for 2011:    17.5 yards

Did you notice I added some too? I was hoping you didn't...LOL. The 8+ yards I found online at a hard to pass up price arrived. Now don't you agree.... they were worth it!



kwiltnkats said…
Yes I noticed. Definitely worth it! Any ideas on what you'll do with them? I had a friend who was also ath teh rain delay game...they left after the 1st one. How are you doing on your RRCB? I know at least one that will have her's at the SDQS this year. Any other BH designs in work? Sandi

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