Mother's Day.... a little early

A couple years ago, my son called me the week before Mother's Day to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Not sure whether we have Hallmark's pre holiday coverage to thank for the early greeting but we lovingly joke about it now. So, this year, to continue the tradition, I got to spend a couple days with 2 of my kids the weekend before Mother's Day.

The occasion? My nephew and his beautiful bride's wedding. I love this photo.... Chelsea smiling while David recites his vows.

And....I finally got to see my son Lor. He moved back to the northern part of California from Mississippi in March but this was my first chance to see him in 1-1/2 years. More than one person at the wedding did a double take... he hadn't been seen in these parts for awhile. It sure was good to see him!!

Stacey and her beau, Sterling were able to adjust their class schedules and come down for the occasion too. I'm thankful we've gotten to see them more this school year.

The only one missing was Allie . . but it's understandable. She's saving up for her really good friend's wedding in a couple of months.

Happy Mother's Day to all!!


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