End of another week

I'm actively working on two quilting projects at the moment. Both have a similar deadline... ASAP. LOL!!

The first is a quilt for DD#2's boyfriend's mom. I've shown progress on this one already but it's "come a long way, baby!" The blocks are sewn together and awaiting borders.

Here's what I'm thinking for the border. LOVE that border fabric!! It's going to be an elegant quilt.

Hope to get the borders on this weekend. There will be fussy cutting involved because I want to match the pattern across the border.

The other project I'm working on is a seasonal opportunity quilt for one of the guilds I belong to.

I will show a sneak peek.... some of the blocks on my design wall .... in a moment, but I want to say something about volunteerism in general first.

Most organizations don't run without dedicated volunteers. I get that. I really do. Over the years I've been on school site councils, a parent classroom helper, Girl Scout Leader (13 yrs), Service Unit Manager (coordinates leaders), band booster president and treasurer. I used to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours/week in the band room organizing music, fitting uniforms et.al. So what I'm going to say comes from a place of knowledge.

I belong to a couple of quilt guilds that are both struggling for people to run various committees and fill various offices. I know that there are many people who belong that will never step forward to help because to do so is way out of their comfort zone. My mom was one of those people. Should they belong to the guild? Absolutely! Some people will eventually help, starting small. Some won't. They still have something to contribute, be it friendship, inspiration or other intangibles. We need to be sensitive to the fact that if someone doesn't jump at the requests for help, there is probably a very good reason. I'm in a place right now where I can't volunteer as much as I have in the past. I'm hopeful that will change in the future but for now I will contribute what little I can. Perhaps I'm being too sensitive but I'm feeling pressure to do more. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest and for understanding if I say I can't do more to help.

Now on to the quilt..... I'm so excited about this simple, simple block! Most of you have probably already played with the disappearing 4 patch but this is my first time. It definitely won't be my last. I'm looking ahead to playing with this block using light and dark 6 1/2 inch scrap squares from an online swap I belong to.

Remember the Red and White quilts on display at the Armory in NYC back in March? Well, I haven't been able to forget them. So when it came time to make a "seasonal opportunity quilt" for the guild, I thought a red and white quilt would be a fun, contemporary one for the Nov-Dec holiday season. And with my limited time, this block was the perfect solution. Above are 12 of the 36 blocks. I've only worked a few nights on this and all 36 blocks are sewn and most are stitched in rows. Should have the rest of it together tonight. Woohoo. Complete photos soon. Thanks for stopping by!


kwiltnkats said…
I'm in a similar spot; just can't do more right now. Your R/W quilt is perfect and I've never done a disappearing 4-patch either (wink). Hope I'm eligible for a chance. Great border fabric for DD#2's BF's Mom...my goodness. Sandi
bingo~bonnie said…
looks like the perfect plan for a border - love the red thin border before the bigger outter one. :)

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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