Bags are packed..

Well, all my quilting bags are packed. Tomorrow is retreat day! My plan is to finish up a couple hot projects while at the retreat. That way my slate will be clear for the next Bonnie Hunter mystery starting a week from Friday. Woohoo! I can't wait. I did pick out my colors for the mystery..... I'm sticking pretty close to Bonnie's palette this time, only swapping out teal/turquoise for her royal/sky blues.

Here's what I pulled out of the cabinet so far

I have no business starting this project. We'll be tearing up our kitchen for a remodel in the very near future. I DO love her patterns though... and I'll try my best to keep up. It's so much fun to watch everyone's progress and see all the color variations!

I'll share retreat accomplishments soon!


Chris said…
I really like your palette. I'm going with pinks, browns, blues and a solid white neutral. I'm really hoping the neutral strings aren't a large part of the quilt. If so, I may need to improvise.
kwiltnkats said…
Where's the charcoal? Changed your mind. Anxious to see what you accomplished at the retreat! What fun wish I was retreating too. Sandi

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