So much is going on, I'm getting dizzy bouncing from project to project. On top of that I've got a nifty little head cold. Please please let this be a quicky...... I have no time to be working in slow motion.

I think I alluded to the kitchen remodel in the previous post. It's been a balancing act trying to determine when to pack EVERYTHING up and rely on disposable plates, cups and flatware. The oven is gone.... sniff. I will miss that thing. Original to the house built in 1956. It was a brown okeefe and merritt wall cabinet mount. (Countertops were and still are a yellow formica -- yes, this remodel is long over due. ) NEVER had a problem with it the 25 years we've lived here. All the food stuffs were moved to the hallway pantry and all the cooking tools are boxed up... with a few exceptions.... basic items to make one pot meals in a crock pot or on the stove. Talked to Ikea today and the all the cabinets and appliances will be arriving this week. Here are some recent photos....

Bruce using the sawsall to cut through that lovely yellow formica. Man that was loud! Freaked out the cats.....

Bruce standing where the pocket door and cabinets used to be. That strip to his right is now gone too. And the other side of the opening is framed in. We are widening it and shifting it. Currently he is in the attic working on the wiring. Once the wiring is done, everything else comes out. Fun times!

I'll post more photos when it's gutted but for those of you who've been here in the last year or so, the player piano is no longer in the kitchen.  ;-)  Don't ask.... just be happy for me. 

And before I forget...... I'm sending a big THANK YOU out to the universe. Thank you Aunt Hazel for making our new kitchen possible!!

Project #2 is finishing up customer quilts before Christmas. One last mongo one on Wanda ... about 1/3 done. Hope to have that finished in the next day or so..... so I can move on to Project #3 ... and #1 as needed. 

Project #3 you ask? Allie has decided to transfer from her SLO Albertsons to one here in San Diego and go back to college (community for now). It's a really GOOD move for her but....... it means I need to completely clean out one bedroom. It's the one that I store all my batting and customer projects ..... plus a lot of other stuff. I see lots of trips to thrift shops in the near future. 

She will probably arrive around the 19th or 20th. Stacey and Sterling arrive on the 19th. Lor arrives on the 21st. So we will have a full house without a kitchen. Wheeeeee.

What about the Orca Bay Mystery?..... I'm working on it when I have a few minutes here or there. Step one is nearly half done and I've made a quarter of the small turquoise string blocks. That's it.... I want to do as Bonnie suggested and do a few of each step so I feel like I'm keeping up. I know I will finish it eventually... I love her patterns.

I'm going to leave you with a cute kitty photo. Miles and Rory are curled up together in a big shipping box that held a gift. 

Oh and please stay tuned.... I will have more cute kitty news and photos soon.


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