A New Normal

That's my motto!

Each day is different. Not good different or bad different..... just different. So each day I remind myself this is my new normal... till it isn't.

The kitchen remodel is coming along. The electrical took longer than Bruce thought but it's done and now things are moving faster. He's patching the holes he had to make to run wires. We were able to use the kitchen during that phase but that will be coming to an end this weekend and I will be moving the cooking station to the camper in the driveway. The coffee maker will probably go in my bathroom.... sigh.

The holidays were fun. All the kids were home. We wrapped lights around the new refrigerator that's sitting in the living room and that was our tree.

Allie moved home and gotten mostly settled in her room. Classes started for her at the local JC this past week. I'm proud of her ... setting goals and working on them!

The week between Christmas and New Year we helped Lor get his car to Lake Tahoe then picked up our new furries on the way home. Finn and Colby are fitting right in.... the only critter they are a little apprehensive of is the dog..... but he's so hyper, that's understandable. Finn is the red van (mostly white) and has straight ears. Colby is the red tabby and has the folded ears of a Scottish Fold. They are not litter mates. Colby is 2 mos younger but they are both from the same breeder. Needless to say they are very entertaining and a big part of our new normal.


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