Thoughts for a new year

I've decided not to declare specific resolutions this year but I am going to try to work a little differently.

One thing I want to do is live a little 'greener'. Last year I got a worm bin started. I'm going to ramp that up a bit and get a few more worms so they can process more kitchen scraps and produce more castings for my garden. I learned they don't use up near the kitchen scraps I produce so this year I got a small composter. Small steps.... but every little bit helps.

On the quilting front I'm going to focus on finishing more UFOs and resisting the temptation of joining more projects and challenges. I didn't do well last year keeping up. But I'm finding that following blogs and occasionally posting here is enough of a motivation for me to keep projects moving forward.

My biggest current goal is to nibble away at the disorganization in my work space. I just spent 4 days on and off looking for the already completed cheddar bow tie units. The emptying of a bedroom for an adult child moving home brought the problem to the forefront. I had a lot more fabric in that room than I realized. Not all of it will fit in my workroom fabric cabinets. I'm hoping to incorporate a lot of it in backing or cut up for more scrap quilts. I love Bonnie Hunter's motto..... if it doesn't fit, it's time to make a quilt.

Speaking of..... it's time to get back to work!


kwiltnkats said…
You've quite a list of UFOs girl! I heard how excited you were about the next swap I'm thinking about...are you certain you want it?

Will you be making a BH B-Day block?


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