State of the stash

It's that time of year.... when we take stock of what we've accomplished and what still needs doing. I got a big ole reality check yesterday. I've been systematically organizing and cleaning out my workroom. There are two banquet tables in addition to my mom's sewing cabinet. One of the tables is raised for a cutting table and the other is a catch all. In theory, it's a table at my right for tools and leaders/enders but right now it's home to patterns, books, dog biscuits and lots more fabric. That doesn't count all the fabric set aside on the cutting table waiting to be cut down and added to my scrap users system.

I have been making progress..... more and more of the table tops are visible every day. While cutting down the scraps, I made up the additional chunky churn dash blocks needed for the swap project. I'm like Bonnie, I hate to throw away small pieces that don't fit into the standard precut sizes of the scrap system. Yesterday I tried to squeeze a few more pieces into 1 of the 3 plastic shoe boxes of crumbs and the lid wouldn't fit..... sigh. In my mind I thought I'd whip up a few crumb blocks so I could get the lid back on. I should have known better. When you stir up pieces and strings, they're hard to squash back down. 32 (6.5") crumb blocks later and the lid fits.

So.... through the process of cleaning and organizing, I've discovered I have way more fabric than I'll ever use. It really IS worse than I thought it was. Good thing I like scrap quilts.

Part of my motivation for cleaning and organizing is to create a workspace for my older daughter.... she's says she's interested in making a quilt... YAY! (2 people can use up surplus fabric even quicker!)

In addition to the 32 crumb blocks, this week I've pieced 25 of the remaining chunky churn dash blocks, half way done with the 1/4 sq triangle blocks that alternate with the churn dash blocks, finished the two guild BOMs.

There is some progress on the kitchen front. Bruce finished patching the walls and painted yesterday. The ceiling is white and the walls are Oat Bran.....gotta love the name for a kitchen. I think he's going to start hanging the wall cabinets soon. I'm so ready to be able to cook food in the convenience of a kitchen with all my tools handy instead of spread all over the place. I am amazed at how much I took for granted even with the dumpy old kitchen we had. Perhaps that will help me appreciate the new one just that much more.



Amy said…
Its so hard to use up strings and scrappy pieces as they do seem to multiply as quickly as we use them!
Connie said…
Great use of your scraps and I bet you can't wait to get back in your kitchen! That Oat Bran is a neat color!
Chris said…
Great crumb blocks!
Yup! Been there with the whole kitchen remodel thing. You will be grateful for the new kitchen for a long time!
kwiltnkats said…
Your just moving right along. Bonnie would be proud! Not only are you using her system but when it doesn't work your making blocks. There are lots of interesting layouts at Jo's Country Junctions for Crumb Blocks. Your kitchen is coming along very nicely.

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