Hello Spring!

This year the wisteria over our front porch is AMAZING! I took the header photo just before sunrise one day last week, a couple days before a windy, rainy storm hit. I do love the month each year we get to experience 'purple rain' on our front deck. Spring has arrived!

I have to confess. Sharing that lovely photo is not the only reason I changed my header photo. The red and white quilt that used to grace my blog top has gone off to it's new home. Since I no longer have control of what happens with that quilt and a particular fabric designer who's fabric was featured front and center in that quilt has gone a bit over the edge in controlling what can and can't be done with images of her fabric, it was time to bring it down. Stuff like this saddens me greatly. I quilt for the fun of it. It's therapy and relief to a sometimes hectic life. I don't want to have to be limited in what I can do with a project I've invested so much of myself in. I will miss working with Kate Spain's fabrics; they ARE lovely. But I'm not willing to take a chance there will be limitations once the project is complete. I encourage everyone to read up on this recent event. It might expand to other designers/manufacturers, so it is smart to be informed and create in your own comfort zone. I'm posting a couple links if you want to read more.




I'd like to finish this post on an up beat so here is something that hasn't seen the light of day in decades. Seriously! My grandmother's deep ruby red depression glass has a new home in a display cabinet in our nearly complete kitchen. I didn't even know they existed till my late teens. We moved so much, my mom kept them in a box. Being in that box probably saved them tho..... they rode through the Loma Prieta earthquake in '89 just 5 miles from the epicenter without damage.


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