Catching up

Lots going on, so time is a premium again. My school layoff was rescinded and I was assigned to 2 schools this year, just splitting my same hours over two campuses. The jury is still out on how this will work.

July was quiet at the ball park.... da boys were on the road most of the month. Tonight starts a 6 game home stand, so back to double duty. I do love that job!

I did accomplish quite a bit of stitching in July. I got caught up on customer quilts and worked on a few of my own. I did take the plunge and ordered some Glide thread. I had heard so many good things about it from longarmers. My local thread supplier was discontinuing the PermaCore line and I had mixed feelings about her replacement of Superior's Omni. Here's my first order of Glide. Yummy!

On the first couple projects, it ran great. Then I had a few thread breaking issues. I tried the usual ..... changing needle, rethreading, checking for burrs, turning the needle just the teeniest bit to the right, all with very little results. Time for research..... others with similar issues tried titanium needles and an aftermarket thread guide adjustment part. Obtained both of those and quilted up a gift quilt. I'm back in love with Glide...... no tension issues and a beautiful stitch! Order number 2 has arrived and I'm already making a wish list for number 3.



Chris said…
Good luck with the split-school thing.
What kind of longarm do you use?
I was just looking back over your earlier posts and saw your Glide post. I do love their threads!

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