Tumalo Trail

As promised..... here is the Tumalo Trail flimsy. Love the way it turned out!

In the next month or so I'm going to try and sell a few quilts and this one will be up for adoption when it's done.

I'm so easily distracted..... I've been trying to do two things in my workroom this past week. Cut my squares for the baseballswap and clean up the room. The baseball regular season is over and Carrie will be sending out the lists soon so I must have a stack of 6.5" squares ready to sort and bag. My Pads had a better second half so I won't owe quite so many... :-) 

In the interest of accomplishing both goals, I grab big enough pieces left out around the room without a specific project in mind and cut away. Of course not all pieces cut to 6.5" pieces exactly so left overs get cut to smaller sizes and added to my version of the scrap users system. Wellllllllll, some of the 2" light and dark strips have been finding their way to the machine and becoming the rail units for more Hopscotch, Butterscotch blocks. I'm justifying it by telling myself it's a reward for spending "X" amount of time cleaning. LOL.... quilters logic!

Happy stitching...


Anonymous said…
It's a beautiful quilt, Karen! Great job getting it done!

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