Two introductions and Easy Street step 1

2 weeks ago we welcomed a new feline to our family. Back in Sept. we said goodbye to our 2 year old calico, Rory. She developed FIP, a fatal mutation of the corona virus. Little Miss Paisley is filling up a good size hole in our heart in no time flat. She has her big brothers wrapped around her paw already.
Here she is with Colby. 

Another introduction is less fluffy but really cool in it's own way. My DH sent me a text yesterday from a thrift store.... a photo with the words "Is this the good one?" I very quickly answered YES. Look what followed him home. It's a Necchi! I think I'll call her Luiza. It looks to be in good condition and runs well. I need to pick up a bobbin to see how it stitches.
The cabinet needs a fair amount of work.... hopefully I can salvage it.


In my last post, I hadn't decided whether I would participate in Bonnie Hunter's new mystery. I did make a lot of progress on Orca Bay at the quilt retreat 2 weeks ago but still have miles (of thread) to go. But I love a good mystery! AND all the fabrics came from my stash. Here are several 4 patch units from step 1. The yummy amber colored print is the constant fabric instead of the gray in Bonnie's quilt. My backgrounds are a variety of cream prints. I'm going to substitute a deep red where she uses purple but the other colors will be similar. Can't wait to see it come together. Gotta love Bonnie's generosity!



kelltrek said…
Don't you just love a 'new' machine?
Anonymous said…
Love the orange fabric! and your kitties are so cute... oh my, just adorable :-) Happy Quilting!
Scrapatches said…
Nice color choices. Looking forward to seeing your quilt in progress. I have not started my Easy Street yet and am still deciding on a colorway ... :) Pat
Hi Karen. Your kitties are so cute. You are so brave to go away from Bonnie's color suggestions. I'm too chicken to do that.
My husband and I have been to see the Padres play on two different baseball trips we have taken to California. We are Mets fans, my son works for the Yankees and my husband is a varsity baseball coach. It sounds as if we have a lot in common...quilting and baseball.
Anonymous said…
Hope the new machine sews well - great find! Glad you're joining in the mystery. Loads of fun to be had for sure. Love your 4-patch colours.
Karen, I'm in love with your colors and can't wait to see how this all evolves...I played 'safe' for my first time at a mystery and going pretty much with the original colors - but already I'm feeling the urge to start another and let loose! LOL Love your kitties!!!!
Chris said…
Sorry about Rory but the new kitty is adorable. So glad to read that you are doing the mystery. We should get an Easy St mini retreat together. I'm not using Bonnie's colors either. The only way I would let myself do this mystery was if I could use some of the batiks I've been hoarding. I could so I am!
kwiltnkats said…
Your new kitty is adorable. I'm thinking Koko needs a new playmate in the house. We'll see when the annual Cat Show comes in January to San Diego. What a nice DH! I'm glad you decided to take on Easy Street. Looking forward to your progress. Colors sound "earthy". Enjoyed your newsy post...Sandi

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