Monday Musings

Bonnie Hunter's "Leaders and Enders" are a natural extension of how I work. I find it very hard to work on one project from start to finish. With L & E I can focus on one project while keeping an eye on another one that interests me. And there comes a point where the L & E units become the main project.

My problem right now is I have more than 2 projects out and in process. That creates a clutter that is distracting to say the least. If I box or bag them up, they are out of sight, out of mind though. Perhaps a big list of UFO's posted where I can see it each time I sit at the machine will help motivate me to finish a few old ones and start fewer new projects. One problem I have is balancing the 'have to' projects and the 'want to' projects. I completed one 'have to' project over the weekend ..... neutral string swap blocks and moved a L & E project to the main project category because it is the only other project with a specific purpose and deadline. Unfortunately that means Easy Street gets the back burner for a little while. Here is this weekends progress....

Neutral string blocks for swap done and bagged

Playing with Jacks - moved from L & E status to main project. This one is for a friend who moved to a country to the north. I am extremely low on blacks ..... and after the string blocks and other recent projects, neutrals as well.... so a trip to a quilt shop might be in order this week. 

With any luck I'll be done with Jacks by the time the swapped out string blocks come back to me. 

Happy Monday. It's back to work for me tomorrow. Less time to sew but fun times with the kids!



Sandra B said…
I love your Jacks quilt - great colours. I hear you on the LE projects - I have half a dozen and am getting a bit brain dead. I need to pick one main project and ONE LE project LOL. Your string blocks are lovely - I'm sure your swap partner will be very pleased.
Chris said…
Ooh. I can't wait to get some of your string blocks, they're yummy. I trip to a LQS. Sounds like tough duty! I love your Jacks quilt. I made one a few years back. I brought it to my office where Izzy promptly claimed it as hers. That darned dog sleeps under it all day.
kwiltnkats said…
Karen, I feel just as you about order...guess that's what gets projects done =^.^= If you need some black with white prints I'll be happy to give you some when you turn in your string blocks. You are totally on your own though for any red or neutrals... Let me know. Sandi
Andee said…
I have this one on my list to make...loving watching yours shape up!

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