Stash Report

This is my first report for the year, but I wasn't home last weekend so I hope I'm forgiven.

Added since the first of the month: 7.5 yards
Used since Jan 1: 6.5 yards
YTD net: - 1 yard

2.5 of the yards used is fabric I'm cutting for the guild BOM I'm coordinating this month. Yay for BOM's! My goal it to continue to monitor my usage .... and more importantly, my intake .... in the weekly reports. I know from past experience, it helps me moderate the intake. Last year I did not participate in Judy L's challenge, consequently a lot of fabric followed me home. Sigh! I'm back Judy!

I'm going to post a photo of the BOM as a visual aid to help the gals in the guild with construction. Check out my next post.


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